Eby N Joseph.
Associated with Indian Cancer Care Mission and keeping our activities promoted at the Kannur region is Mr. Eby N Joseph. Detected with cancer since the year 2008 and still going stable and strong his way ahead relentless and reinstating “success is not staying always undefeated but, driving life fully to its passion and completion”, being a unique mind among the cancer survivors of the state.
Have an honorable presence in our time as painter, orator, writer and social worker who began his professional life as a teacher.
He could always express through colors and words the subtle experiences and sensations absorbed from nature and life forms to the fellow beings and lovers of art in special, establishing a striking presence in the cultural horizon of Kerala. It’s a life time experience to cherish what pour out of Eby’s heart through paints on the canvas.
‘Keraladarshanam’, the painting exhibitions hosted in 36 venues till now during a period spanning over 12 years portraying the landscapes, history and life of Kerala using Impressionistic and realistic techniques is breathtaking.
Presently making sincere efforts for talking to cancer patients in person to support, counsel and groom them for taking cancer care and treatment with courage, positivity and warmth. More than 40 cancer survivors associated along in these acts creating a dynamic action in this area of utmost emergency and social attention.
Find more personal details and art work of Eby N Joseph at www.ebynjoseph.com

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