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Indian Cancer Care Mission (ICCM) is a charitable trust run by a group of socially and culturally committed eminent personalities in Kerala, notable among them Dr. Sukumaran Nair (former Vice Chancellor, M.G. University) and Dr. Sugeetha (educationalist), and backed by several social activists who are convinced about the need of a voluntary body for dealing with the hardships faced by cancer patients and their dependents. ICCM mainly focuses in enlightening the masses about this deadly disease and aids the affected individuals with genuine and supporting information and monetary aid, with the participation of the Government, NGO’s and individual donors.


• Help people cope better with cancer.
• To be one of the most unique Social Service Organizations in the world, caring for the individual, supporting their loved ones, providing free counseling services, and extending help and hope to anyone affected by cancer.
• To become leading online resources, providing both information and support, to help people cope better with cancer.
• To educate people that cancer is curable and an affected person can still celebrate life through unrelenting optimism.


Our aim is to educate the general public about the basic causes and preventive measures, effective cancer treatment, importance of early detection of this deadly disease and disease management possibilities.

WHAT WE DO? (Or Our Services)

The impact of cancer – a life threatening disease, causing much apprehension among the humans destructing their lives, hopes and making a scar on the social façade is to be fought against by providing the masses systematic and scientific awareness and action. Children especially suffer social and development challenges due to having these experiences at their young ages. There will be constant stress on the financial part of a family whose member is affected by this deadly disease, and many such families are forced to borrow money to treat the patient despite sacrificing all their pleasures like participation in family/friends’ celebrations, or a week-end eat out or a vacation journey.
Indian Cancer Care Mission provides free, professional support services to individuals, families, caregivers and the bereaved to help them better cope with and manage the emotional and practical challenges arising from cancer. Our services include free counseling and support groups, educational publications and workshops and financial support to help remove some very real barriers of cancer affected people in getting life-saving treatment.
We help people to better cope with and manage the emotional and practical challenges arising from cancer, by providing free counseling and information through electronic & print media, live seminars, free diagnosis camps, etc, etc .
ICCM will work with government and private charitable organizations, health care providers, social welfare organizations and such other individuals or groups, who have similar activities and interests, and be able to serve more and more people to fight this deadly disease.
We will also be working with corporate to create customized marketing opportunities through cause-related sponsorship of special events/seminars/publications or even donations, whereby Companies can choose to support specific services by type of diagnosis (such as breast or lung cancer) and join us in this noble cause. Corporate or individuals can even sponsor children and families of the cancer affected/deceased person, to take care of their future financial needs.
All the services are provided by professional social workers completely free of charge.

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